Advance Care Planning (EPUB)

Prepare for Serious Illness by Sharing Your Wishes for Future Health and Personal Care

This is intended for a Canadian audience.

ISBN: 978-1-77040-510-3

Don’t let a stranger make personal decisions for you! Whether you or someone you love is facing or nearing the natural end of life due to disease or old age, or you’re involved in any kind of eldercare role, Advance Care Planning will serve you as you journey through serious and complex illness in our fragmented and complex healthcare system.

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Most people don’t want to think about what will happen if they become ill or incapacitated. Who will take care of them? Who will speak for them and uphold their values and beliefs? How will others know what they want?

Planning for the future can also become confusing with all the different conversations, terms, and documents. What are substitute decision makers, powers of attorney, and advance directives, and do you even need them?

Advance Care Planning is a practical guide to advance directives, living wills, and other documents and strategies for communicating your health- and personal care preferences. It explains what can be done to communicate your wishes, and how to do it, in a straightforward and caring way.

Author Connie Jorsvik has worked in and around the health-care industry for more than 30 years, and has seen firsthand what happens when people don’t have a plan, and also how things can turn out when they do. Jorsvik shares her experience in this book in hopes that readers will be empowered to put together personalized plans, communicate them with those who matter, and make them legal so they can be carried out when necessary.

Life takes many unexpected turns. This book will show you how planning for the future can help you avoid some of the unwanted ones.

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Subtitle Prepare for Serious Illness by Sharing Your Wishes for Future Health and Personal Care
Publication Date Mar 31, 2020
Market Canada
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ISBN 978-1-77040-510-3
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Author Details - Connie Jorsvik, BSN

Connie Jorsvik spent more than 25 years as a nurse, and later became a recruiter of nurses and a health insurance broker. After obtaining certificates in Advance Care Planning (ACP) and International Patient Advocacy, she founded Patient Pathways, where she works as Senior Healthcare Navigator and Patient Advocate. Jorsvik believes in empowering all adults to have discussions about healthcare no matter their age or health, and teaches people to do just that. Jorsvik has been a long-time volunteer with Dying with Dignity Canada, helped to complete its BC ACP Toolkit, and has recently been appointed its National ACP Coordinator.

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