Aging Safely in Your Home (EPUB)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-992-7

You don’t have to move as you age! This book is a guide to age-proof your home, renovate safely for an aging resident, and find ways to stay put as you age.

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The physical and emotional challenges of aging can convince many people to move from their longtime homes out of concern for their well-being. Aging Safely in Your Home is a practical guide to not only help you decide if it’s possible to stay put, but perhaps more importantly, how to adapt if you choose not to move. The two-part book looks at the issues that arise as we age in our homes: our self-reliance, our need for networks, and our capacity to maintain a great quality of life. It provides a blueprint to successful independent living by identifying the important ways to modify your home to stay safe: how modest renovation and some common-sense practices will reduce your risk of injury and increase your well-being.
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Publication Date Jul 7, 2015
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ISBN 978-1-77040-992-7
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Author Details - Yvonne Poulin and Gordon Morrison

Yvonne Poulin is an Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) and and a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). She is certified to provide general advice to seniors (and their family caregivers) regarding their physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial issues. This program provided a “total needs approach” that included the evolving requirement of home adaptations to allow seniors to remain safely “In Place”. And in 25 years of clinical experience as a RMT she has assessed, treated, and given home exercises and ergonomics instructions to hundreds of seniors.

Gordon Morrison is an architectural technologist, educator, and published freelance writer.
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