Bed Rest Mom (EPUB)

Surviving Pregnancy-Related Bed Rest With Your Sanity and Dignity Intact

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-490-8

Bed Rest Mom is a support book to help pregnant women navigate the emotions, isolation and uncertainty that comes with home or hospital based bed rest, written by a mom who survived both types of bed rest with two pregnancies.

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Get the most out of pregnancy related bed rest! Bed rest orders may have snuck up on you, but that doesn’t have to mean months of agonizing, boring time wasting, and feeling like you have lost all independence under house (or hospital) arrest as you await the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Bed Rest Mom covers the differences between what you’re allowed to do (or not do) on home-based bed rest versus hospital-based bed rest. With the guidance in this book, you can decide what questions you need to ask your medical team so you can learn what to expect and make a plan to —

• stock up on snacks and proper food for the day,
• stay entertained,
• get enough sleep and appropriate exercise, and
• accomplish simple projects.

Author Cynthia Lockrey had the unique experience of enduring two high risk pregnancies, with 19 weeks of home-based bed rest and 7 weeks of hospital based bed rest. Her real-life experiences are weaved throughout the book in a friendly and relatable style comforting to readers.

Perhaps most important, Bed Rest Mom includes others’ stories, so that you’ll know you’re not alone as you learn to deal with the “mom guilt” that often accompanies this emotionally and physically challenging time. You’ll also learn ways to ask for much-needed help and support to get you through it all.

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Subtitle Surviving Pregnancy-Related Bed Rest With Your Sanity and Dignity Intact
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Author Details - Cynthia Lockrey

Cynthia Lockrey’s professional experience includes being a newspaper editor, magazine writer, corporate trainer, conference speaker, patient advocate, university and college instructor, community engagement advisor as well as public relations expert with over 20 years of experience. Her resume includes winning a Canadian Community Newspaper Award, three IABC awards and accolades for her conference speaking as well as corporate training.

Cynthia has had the unique experience of having endured two high-risk pregnancies, with a combined 19 weeks home-based bed rest and seven-weeks hospital based bed rest. Her real life experience is weaved throughout the book in a writing style that is relatable to the reader.

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