Bennett on Consumer Bankruptcy (EPUB)

A Practical Guide for Canadians

This is intended for a global audience.

ISBN: 978-1-77040-940-8

Bankruptcy is not a do-it-yourself task in Canada; read this book to help you understand your options, and then consult your lawyer or trustee in bankruptcy for personalized assistance.

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If you are a consumer debtor considering bankruptcy, you need help to assess whether or not to file for bankruptcy and, if you decide to go bankrupt, you need help to do the filing. Even a seemingly simple filing can have hidden traps, and once begun, can be near impossible to reverse. Bankruptcy is not a “do it yourself” task in Canada; read this book to help you understand your options, and then consult your lawyer or trustee in bankruptcy for personalized assistance.

Bennett on Consumer Bankruptcy offers solid, practical guidance, answering your questions in plain English. It explains bankruptcy proceedings for consumer debtors in Canada and discusses alternatives to bankruptcy as well as when and why you might decide to file for bankruptcy. It is a practical and valuable resource for anyone considering a consumer bankruptcy in Canada.

Before you file, read this book to better understand:

  • The bankruptcy process and your options
  • How you can avoid bankruptcy
  • When and why you should go bankrupt
  • Who is affected by your bankruptcy
  • Which assets you can keep
  • When you can get out of bankruptcy
  • Where you can find help

Bennett on Consumer Bankruptcy includes an exclusive download which contains examples of many of the forms used in typical consumer proposals and bankruptcies for your reference.The download kit includes:

  • Bankruptcy forms
  • Glossary of terms
  • Online reference materials
  • More Information
    Subtitle A Practical Guide for Canadians
    Publication Date Sep 30, 2014
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    ISBN 978-1-77040-940-8
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    Author Details - Frank Bennett

    Frank Bennett practices bankruptcy, receivership, and creditor & debtor law in Toronto. He is the author of several other legal books dealing with bankruptcy and insolvency, aimed at professional readers. Frank was a past Head of Section for the Ontario Bar Admission Course for Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights and Remedies, Past Chair of both the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Section of the Canadian Bar Association, National and Ontario, council member of the Ontario Bar Association, former member of Advisory Committee to Industry Canada, a frequent lecturer, and author of books and articles on Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law.

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