Sales & Distribution Agreements (download version)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-032-0

This kit includes key legal agreements for the sale and purchase of goods. Any manufacturing or trading business, large, small, or home-based, needs a legally binding sales and distribution agreement in place to protect its interests and ensure all bases are covered.

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Document the terms of sale and protect your interests!

If you are an individual selling something you own to another person, use a bill of sale to document the price, payment terms, liability, and whether or not a warranty is provided.

If you manufacture anything from clothing to software, or you operate a sales business from your home or elsewhere, sign a legally binding sales or distribution agreement to ensure that all terms and conditions are agreed in writing by both parties - thereby protecting everyone's interests.

Clear instructions including alternative approaches and clauses are included. Among the forms included are:

  • Distribution agreements
  • Sales representative agreement
  • Authorized reseller agreements
  • Manufacturing license agreement
  • Bills of sale
  • Bulk sales agreement
  • Consignment sale agreements


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ISBN 978-1-77040-032-0
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