Canadian Business Contracts Handbook (EPUB)

Understand, Negotiate, and Create Your Own

This is intended for a Canadian audience.

ISBN: 978-1-77040-892-0

Small businesses have to deal with contracts on a regular basis, but most small businesses don't have in-house lawyers to ensure all loose ends are tied. Small-business owners and managers will save time and avoid misunderstandings with this handy guide to understanding and negotiating business contracts in Canada.

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The Canadian Business Contracts Handbook helps small-business owners to understand hundreds of standard contract clauses, such as those found in partnership agreements, lease agreements, and contracts for purchase or sale of goods or a business. 

Using everyday language, author Nishan Swais takes readers step-by-step through standard clauses and explains their meanings. He pinpoints potential problems in contracts, and clarifies legal jargon in simple terms for the layperson.

While it takes a great deal of hard work to make a small business successful, it can also come down to paperwork. A well-written contract can make or break a business. Having a good understanding of standard business contracts and being able to negotiate and make changes to your own are critical skills essential to the effective running of a small business.

The CD-ROM included with this book can be installed on your home computer, and contains quizzes, checklists, and sample clauses that can help Canadian small-business owners understand, negotiate, and create their own legally binding contracts.

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Subtitle Understand, Negotiate, and Create Your Own
Publication Date Sep 30, 2019
Market Canada
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ISBN 978-1-77040-892-0
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Author Details - Nishan Swais, Lawyer

Nishan Swais is Canadian legal counsel to a multinational corporation where he provides advice on a broad spectrum of legal matters. He is the author of numerous articles on current legal issues affecting business and of the book Canadian Legal Guide for Small Business, also published by Self-Counsel Press.
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