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Big Business Opportunities in the New Multibillion-Dollar Marijuana Industry

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-492-2

As there are dozens of (new) opportunities in legal cannabis. Stake your claim in this booming industry!

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There are few industries these days with the same potential for growth worldwide as the cannabis industry. One report estimates it will be a $31.4 billion market globally by 2021 as countries relax related laws. So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to get a piece of the pie, do you know where to start?

There are books out there for marijuana entrepreneurs opening retail locations; there are also books about how to grow cannabis. CannaBiz takes a more comprehensive approach to starting a cannabis business in the US or Canada, and looks at the industry from the point of view of someone who’s seen many sides; it is for the retailer and also for growers/producers/suppliers of marijuana, and everything niche and mainstream in between.

As the industry shifts and booms, and cannabis slowly becomes more legal and/or regulated across North America, there are dozens of (new) opportunities emerging. Beyond growing, distributing, and selling, there are chances to provide accounting, security, or courier services; make concentrates and edibles; and so much more. This book sheds light on many of the opportunities you might want to consider.

Author Neev Tapiero has been involved in several cannabis businesses and the Global Marijuana March for more than two decades. In this book and its exclusive download kit, he guides readers through the ample opportunities available for entrepreneurs to make part of the industry their own.

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Author Details - Neev Tapiero

Neev Tapiero has operated Toronto’s oldest medical marijuana facility (C.A.L.M. Cannabis As Living Medicine) since 1996. His mission is to provide high-quality, medicinal grade cannabis to severe/chronically ill patients in a safe, calm, and supportive environment. Since founding C.A.L.M. Neev has also owned a hydroponics store, started a medical clinic, a café and vapor lounge, a special events company, done consulting, worked in a patient-grower collective, and conducted some lobbying. He is the owner of the annual Global Marijuana March (est. 1997).

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