Caregiver's Guide for Canadians (EPUB)

This is intended for a Canadian audience.

ISBN: 978-1-77040-900-2

One in five Canadians provides or will provide eldercare to a parent in need, and as baby boomers age, this number is likely to grow. Ensure your loved one receives the best care possible with this Caregiver's Guide for Canadians.

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What should you do when your mother or father grows old? It's the natural course of life, but so many children of aging parents are unprepared. When a parent’s health begins to fail, an adult child is left scrambling to help, balance his or her time, and even just to cope.

The Caregiver's Guide for Canadians will provide you with valuable tips an advice to help you provide good eldercare while balancing all the demands on your time. It provides practical advice and encouragement to help you care for elders in need. This comprehensive guide answers questions such as:

  • What should you expect when caregiving for your elderly parent?Should your parent stay at home, or move to assisted living?
  • Who should you ask for help when you need it?
  • How do you balance caregiving responsibilities with your personal life?

The author guides you through typical caregiving issues and includes checklists for each area of eldercare, so you can ensure you're providing the best care possible to your loved one.

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ISBN 978-1-77040-900-2
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Author Details - Rick Lauber

Rick Lauber is a professional freelance writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. He has cared for both of his elderly parents and written extensively about elder caregiving. He has been published in the Edmonton Journal, Canadian Parent, and many more newspapers, journals, and broadcasts.
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