Chronic Profit (EPUB)

Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-522-6

Building a business is hard enough. Chronic pain doesn’t mean your business has to suffer.

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Building a business is hard enough. Entrepreneurship while dealing with a chronic illness or condition is even harder. Chronic Profit: Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain shares the story of how one entrepreneur sought freedom from cubicle life along with the flexibility to be a parent and a business owner, and learned to extend herself enough grace and compassion to excel in business while still taking care of herself.

This book covers business-building strategies that will work for any entrepreneur, such as the importance of building foundations and systems; why standardizing and simplifying offerings is something we often don’t do enough; and how to shift your perspective and reframe common business problems. Another important topic, especially for businesspeople dealing with chronic pain, is how to refuel and do self-care, and as author Alison Tedford shares, that can mean a lot more than taking bubble baths — it may involve developing a coping toolbox full of proven tools such as mindfulness, gratitude practices, and more.

Often, we struggle when asking for help but Tedford also discusses how to do that effectively, and leaves the reader feeling there’s hope and that anyone can find joy in the journey of creating their own sustainable business while managing diverse issues and persistent pain.

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Subtitle Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain
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Author Details - Alison Tedford

Alison Tedford has been struggling with chronic pain for a number of years as a result of joint hypermobility syndrome (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). An advocate for health and mental health, and also Indigenous health issues, she has written many articles for publications like CBC, Al Jazeera and Today’s Parent. Tedford transitioned to the private sector after more than a decade of federal public service to better manage her health while raising her son. This is her first book.

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