Comfortable Chaos (EPUB)

Forget "balance" and make career and family choices that work for you

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-824-1

The tips in this book will help readers to trim time off their schedules, and more importantly, learn to live with a little chaos in their lives. Readers will develop a personalized plan to take charge of what they can control and let go of the rest!

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What happened to the pace of life? Whether you are juggling work and family life, or staying home full time, life today can feel like a race. Comfortable Chaos is the first book that accepts the pace of modern living and helps readers come to their own life balance.

This book recognizes that life today will never be free of stress and that everyone has his or her own level of tolerance for chaos. The book begins with a simple self-assessment test that readers can take to learn their “coefficient for chaos.” This score, along with stories and examples, can be used to make effective and guilt-free choices in everything from work schedules to house cleaning standards.

Readers then get a real-life picture of the various work schedules and stay-at-home options, allowing them to make decisions that are right for them. If they decide to make changes, there are specific tools and checklists included to help ease the transition.

Balance is important, and this book can help provide that for anyone struggling with stress. With this book, you can learn how to handle everything you have going on and still allow a little chaos.

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Author Details - Carolyn Harvey and Beth Herrild

Carolyn Harvey and Beth Herrild are corporate veterans, mothers, and speakers at the very popular Comfortable Chaos seminars they run together. Formerly neighbors, they both live in Washington. They combine their knowledge of “life in the corporate trenches” with their own experiences balancing work and family, along with stories from the hundreds of people they have helped at their Comfortable Chaos seminars.
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