Dementia in the Family (EPUB)

Practical Advice from a Caregiver

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-478-6

Dementia in the Family provides clinical information in lay terms within a true story of how dementia affects not just the person with the disease, but everyone around them.

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What do you do when a loved one has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? Do you care for the person yourself? Or call for respite help so you can get a break? When is residential or other care called for or appropriate? Where do you even begin?

In North America, approximately 6 million people have some form of dementia. This number is growing, with more and more people thrust into the role of care partner for a family member or loved one as they struggle with the diseases that cause dementia.

Dementia affects not just the people with the disease, but everyone around them. Author Lee Cardwell knows this well. She spent years caring for her mother who had Alzheimer’s disease, only to later face vascular dementia in her husband. Each situation brought with it unique challenges, and taught Cardwell lessons she wants to share.

Dementia in the Family: Practical Advice from a Caregiver provides helpful information using the author’s personal stories as well as factual information and resources. Everyone can learn from this warm, practical, and all-encompassing book on dealing with and helping those with dementia.

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Author Details - Lee Cardwell

Lee Cardwell spent several years caring for her mother as she slipped into Alzheimer’s disease. Then, just after the long struggle with her mother ended, her husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia. She is well equipped to tell this personal story through her years of investigating and learning about the disease firsthand. Lee, a Toastmaster for over 20 years, has spoken many times at Toastmaster contests and public events about her battle with dementia, and organized her own “WOW Wednesday” event to raise funds to support the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

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