Divorce Dollars: Get Your Fair Share

Financial planning before, during, and after divorce

This is intended for a Canadian audience.

ISBN: 978-1-55180-851-2

Number of pages: 152

Mistakes made during separation and divorce can cause lifelong financial problems. Learn how to avoid them in the 3rd edition of this popular book.

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  • Demonstrates how everyone can overcome the financial challenges of divorce
  • Written by a financial planner

At least 40 percent of all new marriages today will end in divorce. The financial consequences of divorce can be traumatic. Many people who get divorced are left with little money, no income, and no credit rating. In some cases, if one partner looked after all the family’s finances, the other partner is left unprepared and overwhelmed by the financial consequences of divorce. Divorce Dollars is a complete guide to financial planning, demonstrating in a step-by-step manner how to overcome the financial challenges of divorce and lead a financially healthy life. The book addresses everything from dividing the assets to retirement planning. By using examples of real people, Akeela Davis demonstrates how everyone can handle the financial challenges of divorce using careful planning and money smarts.

More Information
Subtitle Financial planning before, during, and after divorce
Publication Date Jul 14, 2009
Market Canada
PDF Preview Download URL http://www.self-counsel.com/docs/divorce_dollars.pdf
Edition Third Edition
Pages 152
Size 6 x 9
ISBN 978-1-55180-851-2
UPC 069635808511

Author Details - Akeela Davis, CFP, RFP, PRP, FDS

Akeela Davis is a certified financial planner who specializes in divorce and separation issues.
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