Family Medical History Kit

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ISBN: 978-1-55180-608-2

This kit will guide you in keeping detailed and up-to-date records of your family's medical history, which will allow your family to be more prepared in the event of an emergency.

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The old style family doctor has almost disappeared. Walk-in clinics and group medical practices have become common, providing often good but also often impersonal medicine. This means that individuals and families need to take this kind of record keeping into their own hands. The Family Medical History Kit gives you the means to do this quickly and easily. The forms and instructions in the kit make it simple to keep track of your own medical history and the the history of your immediate family.

  • Keep records for each family member of:
  • Medical events including surgeries and major illnesses
  • Allergies
  • Medical devices used
  • Immunizations
  • Medical, dental and eye tests and appointments
  • Infant and young child birth and development

Your family medical history is becoming more important as research shows how important heredity is in the prediction and early diagnosis of illness and disease. Forms and instructions in the kit help you create a “medical genealogy” for your family, to identify medical conditions you or your children may inherit. With this information in hand, you can work with your physician to highlight genetic risks and schedule tests early. As your children grow, these records will be a wonderful legacy of knowledge for them and their offspring.

Emergency room doctors will tell you that far too many patients arrive at hospitals without any useful information about their current and past medical problems and conditions. Most of these patients, even if they can talk with the admitting staff, are unable to provide information that is useful to the hospital doctors, or to say where that information can be found. That means treatment may be delayed while expensive and time-consuming tests are performed to identify what is safe. The Family Medical History Kit contains a special form you can fill in and print to create a compact “key information” record to go in your wallet or purse. Create copies for all your family members and update them whenever needed.


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