Faster, Cheaper, Better

Starting and Operating a Business in the Trades

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-212-6

Number of pages: 160

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Skilled in trades and starting your own business? Wondering why you're working so hard and not making much money at it? Thousands of people are heading out on their own, only to find they know much about a trade and little about how to create a great company. Jack Borden's system in Faster, Cheaper, Better helps the budding entrepreneur get it right.
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You’ve been toiling in the trades, making a lot of money for someone else, and you’ve decided it’s time to start and run your own business. This book is for you. Or maybe you made the move a little while ago, and you’re toiling in the trades for yourself and wondering why it’s not paying off. This book is also for you. Faster, Cheaper, Better is a formula for success in operating a business in the trades. Jack Borden, an accomplished tradesman and business leader, has been there and done that. His clearly-spoken message on the best practices for your business makes startlingly simple sense. Stage by stage, this book walks you through the challenges, the pitfalls, the dilemmas, and the necessary decisions to develop the company you have always wanted to build. His no-bluster, no-nonsense plan will support any start-up or suffering business to make sure the operation runs smoothly, keeps its customers and suppliers happy, and earns a profit to make it all worthwhile.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Subtitle Starting and Operating a Business in the Trades
Publication Date Sep 30, 2014
Market Global
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Edition First Edition
Pages 160
Size 6 x 9
ISBN 978-1-77040-212-6
UPC 069635402122

Author Details

Author Details - Jack Borden

Jack Borden, a British Columbian developer, began as an electrician and over the decades worked his way up the ladder to become one of western Canada’s most respected businessmen. His Faster, Cheaper, Better formula outlined in this book is the basis of his speaking engagements, seminars, and programs to build business excellence.


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