Financial Management 101

Get a Grip on Your Business Numbers

This is intended for a global audience.

ISBN: 978-1-55180-805-5

Number of pages: 176

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This book is an in-depth but easy-to-read guide to business planning. It's a kick-start course for new entrepreneurs and a wake-up call for struggling small-business owners.

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Financial Management 101: Get a Grip on Your Business Numbers is the second book in the Numbers 101 for Small Business series. This book covers business planning, from understanding financial statements to budgeting for advertising. Angie Mohr's easy-to-understand approach to small-business planning and management ensures that the money coming in is always greater than the money going out!

  • Analyze financial data to stay in touch with the heart of your business
  • Measure your business success and pinpoint new opportunities
  • Understand your business from the inside out

"Even Microsoft and Ford started in someone’s basement or garage," says Angie Mohr. "But people all over the world have been given and idealized and unrealistic view of how to operate a business, and most discount the importance of the basics."

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Subtitle Get a Grip on Your Business Numbers
Publication Date Sep 14, 2007
Market Global
PDF Preview Download URL
Edition Second Edition
Pages 176
Size 8¼ x 9¾
ISBN 978-1-55180-805-5
UPC 069635808054

Author Details - Angie Mohr

Angie Mohr, CPA, CA, CMA, is a chartered accountant and certified management accountant. She can be heard regularly on radio with Small Business Survival Tips. Mohr is also a business columnist for a large daily newspaper and has written many articles for business magazines.

Mohr believes strongly in planning the entrepreneur’s business and personal life holistically. Her approach helps business owners to understand their business better and to run personally satisfying lives and immensely lucrative businesses.

Angie is the author of these books from Self-Counsel Press:

  • Bookkeepers’ Boot Camp

  • Financial Management 101

  • Finance & Grow Your New Business

  • Start & Run a Bookkeeping Business

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