Great Invention! Now What? (EPUB)

Evaluate, patent, trademark, and license your new invention

This is intended for an American audience.

ISBN: 9781770409507

Great Invention! Now What? gets your best new idea to the marketplace fast. This quick-read will ask you the key questions every inventor needs to answer. You'll get steps to evaluate the marketability, easy tips on patents and trademarks, lessons on how to license your product, invention or ideas at any stage.

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New inventors are often afraid to talk to anyone about their ideas for fear that they will be stolen. They have only a vague understanding of patents and trademarks. They don’t know if, when, or how to hire a patent attorney and may also lack the knowledge on how to successfully market inventions. As a new, independent inventor, this book will assist you as you navigate through the process from initial idea to successful commercial product. It tells you not just what to do, but exactly how to do it. Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your idea patented and/or trademarked! This book was written to help you creative but inexperienced independent inventors who have ideas for new products for consumers and commercial industries. Your product may include new and better tools, manufacturing fixtures, toys, medical equipment, holiday decorations, or be one of many other ideas for new inventions designed for work, play, and everyday living. Although new product ideas differ greatly, the fundamental steps necessary to evaluate, protect, and market them are similar. We are a nation of problem solvers, and we solve many problems by inventing exciting new products. Great Invention! Now What? will help you pursue your dreams and make them a reality while minimizing the money spent on patent attorneys. The exclusive download that comes with this book includes sample forms to help prepare you for your own application process.
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Subtitle Evaluate, patent, trademark, and license your new invention
Publication Date Apr 29, 2015
Market USA
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ISBN 9781770409507
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Author Details - Dr. Charles B. McGough

Dr. Charles B. McGough is a chemical engineer who spent 25 years in senior positions with three large US technical corporations, and 15 years as president of two industrial laser companies. He has prepared and obtained five US patents, one Canadian patent, seven provisional US patents, and one trademark. One of his consumer products has been sold in the US and Canada in The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sams’s Club, and other retail outlets, and is now approaching 1 million units sold.
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