Greening Your Cottage or Vacation Property (EPUB)

Reduce Your Recreational Footprint

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-482-3

Enjoy your vacation property while preserving it for future generations

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It’s not easy to be environmentally friendly all the time, but it turns out there are lots of things a mindful cottage or vacation property owner can do to not only fully enjoy a cottage or property but also preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

Greening Your Cottage or Vacation Property offers ways to save energy, reduce waste, and make your cottage or vacation property a more sustainable place for you and your friends and family, as stewards of the buildings and the land. Authors and long-time cottage owners and environmentalists, mother and daughter team Joan and Tracy Bartley, show us how their family — and now yours — can not only vacation in an environmentally friendly way, but turn time away into a teaching experience.

A cottage or vacation property is the perfect place to begin to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether your cottage is of new construction, or older and in need of renovations, opportunities abound to reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore with the practical, affordable, and insightful advice in this book.

The download kit includes:
• Cottage Greening Action Plan template
• Progress Monitoring Checklist
• Resources for further research and reading
• Closing the Cottage for Winter Checklist
• — And much more!

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Author Details - Joan Bartley & Tracy Bartley

Tracy Bartley is a Canadian living with her husband and their two daughters in suburban Los Angeles and dreaming of their next visit to their island cottage in British Columbia. An avid gardener and backyard chicken keeper, she has also written for the blogs Sew Green and Two Green Chickens. She believes in the power of community, and that planting trees can change the world.

Joan Bartley is a grandma, mom, and retired educator who is not yet tired of learning and teaching. Today, Joan leaves the traditional classroom behind for the new learning, practice, and teaching that comes from puttering about the family’s forested property, and managing an ultimately sustainable island cottage.

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