Greening Your Home (EPUB)

Successful Eco-Renovation Strategies

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ISBN: 9781770409620

Good environmental practices need not be intimidating or expensive. This book identifies the practical path to a more sustainable household, from how we can save energy to how we can keep clean to how we can intelligently use and reuse in an affordable, easy way.

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In old and new homes alike, there are opportunities galore to save energy, reduce waste, and live more sustainably. As Greening Your Home shows, all it takes to make a difference to your living environment is a first step. This book discusses how to reduce your carbon footprint; what maintenance and design issues you should consider in order to build and live more effectively; green materials and appliances to save energy and money; and how to decide whether to eco-renovate on your own or with a contractor’s expertise. Authors Thomas Teuwen and Laura L. Parker have much experience in creating an environmentally friendly life at home, and have written this book to provide you with practical, affordable, and insightful advice, room by room, that will help you convert your home into a more efficient place in which to live and enjoy. Whether your eco-renovations are small or substantive, Teuwen and Parker take you through the process to obtain the outcome you want: an eco-friendly home that will make your friends and family green with envy.
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Subtitle Successful Eco-Renovation Strategies
Publication Date Apr 29, 2015
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ISBN 9781770409620
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Author Details - Thomas Teuwen & Laura L. Parker

Thomas Teuwen has spent a quarter of a century as a business leader in the manufacturing, mining, energy, and technology sectors. He has served as co-chair of the remediation subcommittee of the Sydney Tar Ponds Cleanup. He moved to Vancouver Island in 2000, adopted an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and has since joined BlueSky Energy Systems Inc. as president.

Laura L. Parker began her career as a residential counselor and an audiologist before shifting her focus to web design and sustainability issues. She has written extensively and advised on environmental strategies for homes and businesses. She is the Constituent Advocate for Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands.
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