Greening Your Pet Care (EPUB)

Reduce Your Animal's Environmental Paw Print

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-466-3

When you care about the environment, you care about the footprint --- and, for that matter, the paw print. You can minimize your pet's environmental impact: how it is fed, how it stays clean, and how it is housed. This book by journalist Darcy Matheson is the definitive guide for environmentally conscious pet owners!

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No matter if your pet is a four-ounce gerbil or a 100-pound canine, there are simple things we can do to make the lives of our companion animals less wasteful and harmful to the environment. Greening Your Pet Care is for the modern animal guardian who thinks not only of the joy of sharing your life with a pet, but also how to care for them in a responsible and environmentally conscious way.

There are easy ways you can lower your pet’s environmental impact starting from adopting, and choosing environmentally friendly toys, food, vet care, and grooming. This guide by journalist Darcy Matheson, a regular broadcaster and writer on animal care, shows you the best practices and products to keep any pet environmentally friendly. It contains easy tricks and tips to allow you to nurture your pet while also taking care of Mother Nature.

Greening Your Pet Care also includes green alternatives to household chemical cleaners and plants that can harm your pet’s health and the Earth, making your home an eco-friendly and environmentally safe place for your pets.

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Publication Date Apr 29, 2016
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Author Details - Darcy Matheson

Darcy Matheson is a television journalist, dog blogger, and columnist for Modern Dog magazine. The long-time animal advocate is a frequent contributor to TV, radio, and magazines on pet issues. She is the founder of PetFundr, a leading crowdfunding site solely dedicated to helping animal welfare projects. Darcy is the proud dog mama to Murphy Brown, a Norfolk terrier, and Seymour, a lovable mutt.


"This easy-to-read guide has practical and easy tips about how to reduce your pet’s carbon 'paw-print', whether it’s the food they eat, the products they use or the vet care they receive. A must-have book for any pet lover that cares about the environment!”
— Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian” and resident vet on the Dr. Oz Show

"Having been a cat lover/owner for many years, I never really thought much about my pet's carbon 'paw-print'. This book gives all pet owners a few simple ways to live up to our eco-conscious, and it's a fun read too!"
— Claire Martin, Climate Critic - Green Party of Canada

"If you love your pets and the planet, this is a must-read. This fun and inspiring guide to natural animal care shows you how to eliminate toxins and reduce your eco-footprint for a happier pet and healthier environment."
— Modern Dog magazine

"I’m an outdoors enthusiast and am most at home in nature, especially when my dog best friends are alongside me. In honor of the great outdoors I appreciate so dearly, I’m committed to preserving the planet in my career as an animal behavior specialist and as a dog mom. I do so through my daily choices regarding how I treat the dogs in my care, from choosing eco-friendly toys to healthy choices in the treats and foods I feed. Little choices as simple as changing the way we scoop our dog’s poo add up to big changes for our planet!"
— Mikkel Becker,

"It's about time there was an eco-friendly book about how to minimize your pet's environmental impact. As a foster-based rescue organization "recycling" senior dogs, Muttville is delighted to be included in this cutting edge book!"
— Sherri Franklin, Founder & Executive Director of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

"In the face of unprecedented climate change, Darcy reminds us why the environmental impact of our companion animals can’t be ignored. This is a witty, informative and highly entertaining take on how the small actions of pet owners can make a big difference."
— Lynda Steele, Host, The Lynda Steele Show, CKNW radio

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