Leading Today's Volunteers

Motivate and Manage Your Team

This is intended for a global audience.

ISBN: 978-1-55180-247-3

Number of pages: 184

This book provides volunteer coordinators with the expertise to organize a smoothly managed volunteer operation, something which is integral to any organization that relies on volunteers.

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People volunteers to contribute in a meaningful way to the community. Yet many volunteers feel their ideas and expertise are not always fully appreciated or valued. Managing volunteers effectively and ensuring that they are allowed to make a difference is essential in any organization that relies on volunteers. This book will help yo hire a volunteer program manager and setr up a program to organize, evaluate, and recognize your volunteers.

  • Learn why organizations that haven't used volunteers in the past are now seeking them out
  • Discover how a program manager can help keep volunteers organized and productive
  • Find and hire the ideal manager for your group's volunteer program
  • Learn how to keep track of your volunteers
  • Attract the right volunteers to your organization


More Information
Subtitle Motivate and Manage Your Team
Publication Date Aug 14, 1999
Market Global
PDF Preview Download URL http://www.self-counsel.com/docs/leading_today's_volunteers.pdf
Edition Second Edition
Pages 184
Size 5¼ x 8¼
ISBN 978-1-55180-247-3
UPC 69635802472

Author Details - Flora MacLeod and Sarah Hogwarth

Flora MacLeod has an extensive background in social planning and program development and management. She has worked as a volunteer for the Society for Children and Youth of British Columbia, the Nisha Family and Children's Services Society, and the Canadian Adult Education Assocation. MacLeod was a regional Social Planning Consultant for the United Way and was Program Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and Educational Services at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. She is the author of Forming and Managing a Non-Profit Organization in Canada, another title in the Self-Counsel Series. Sarah Hogarth has a background in community organizing, legal services, nonprofit organizational development, and fundraising. Her interests include developing effective means for individuals and communities to address issues such as housing and homelessness, police and government abuse of power, and access to legal services. She is currently Program Director of the National Lawyers Guild National Office in New York City.
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