Marketing in the New Media (EPUB)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-756-5

Advertising is moving quickly from traditional print to the Internet and to mobile marketing. Learn how to use these new tools.

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Marketing in the New Media shows business owners and marketing professionals how to combine traditional advertising with Internet and mobile marketing to deliver an effective marketing message anytime, anywhere!

Companies today can no longer ignore elements of new media in their marketing campaigns. Combining new media is absolutely essential to “close the sale” and get the consumer to take action in a measurable way.

Many small-business owners and marketing professionals are entering into new, unfamiliar territory, and the thought of stepping out of their comfort zones and diving into the fast-moving world of new media marketing is intimidating. This book explains marketing with the new media in easy-to-understand terms.

This new second edition includes more information on social networking. The book also outlines the elements of successful website design and how to analyze web traffic reports and online customer behaviors on a deeper level, so readers can make informed decisions about how their campaigns are performing and how customers are responding.

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ISBN 978-1-77040-756-5
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Author Details - Holly Berkley

Holly Berkley is an Internet marketing consultant and the author of Low-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business, also published by Self-Counsel Press. She has helped businesses of all sizes increase online sales, strengthen their brands, and dramatically boost website traffic.
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