Marketing Your Product

This is intended for a global audience.

ISBN: 978-1-55180-859-8

Number of pages: 184

Crack the code of successful product marketing! This book will help you plan a strategy, price to sell, market on the Internet, and much more! 

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Crack the code of successful product marketing! 

  •  Plan for business success
  • Get updated information on the Internet
  • Develop the competitive edge
  • Understand your customers

Marketing is more than just advertising; it helps you decide if you are developing the right product for the right target market and using the right media and distribution methods.

Marketing Your Product explains how a company can carve a niche for its product in today’s competitive consumer environment. It describes customer’s buying impulses, how products satisfy those impulses, how to inform customers about your product, and what it takes to get your products to consumers.

This book answers questions such as:

  • What is marketing?
  • How do you plan a marketing strategy?
  • How do you do your own market research?
  • Which media should you use to market your product?
  • Why do people choose one product over another?
  • How do you price to sell?
  • How can you use the Internet to market your product?
  • What should you know about global marketing?
  • What legal considerations must you be aware of?

The CD-ROM contains more than two dozen forms to help you get started. All forms are provided in MS Word and PDF formats.

More Information
Publication Date Sep 14, 2009
Market Global
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Edition Fifth Edition
Pages 184
Size 8¼ x 9¾
ISBN 978-1-55180-859-8
UPC 06963508597
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Author Details - Donald Cyr and Douglas Gray

Donald Cyr, MBA, is an experienced marketer and educator. He has shared his marketing skills in business, benefitting numerous clients, and taught courses on strategic marketing for executives and businesspeople. Douglas Gray, LLB, is a lawyer, consultant, and businessman. He gives business and marketing seminars and presentations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Gray has written other bestselling books in the Self-Counsel series including Start & Run a Consulting Business.
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