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Whether you lend money to someone you know, or sell an item that requires future payment, it is always a good idea for both parties to sign a promissory note. These agreements are more formal and much more detailed than an IOU.

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This kit contains various promissory forms to record proof of someone’s indebtedness to you as well as the terms under which you will be repaid. It also includes a demand for overdue payment, a security agreement for a loan, and an agreement to guarantee a loan, as well as thorough instructions. A promissory note will always include the amount borrowed, the length of time of the loan, and an interest rate, but there are many approaches you can take. Special provisions may be needed for business loans, and there are still many options for repayment, whether as a single payment, in installments, or on demand of the lender. The easy-to-follow instructions and resources included in the kit will help you determine which options will best fit your circumstances. Among the included forms are:

  • Secured promissory note.
  • On demand promissory note.
  • Balloon promissory note.
  • Demand for overdue payment on note.
  • Security agreement for business loan.
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ISBN 987-1-77040-110-5
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