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ISBN: 978-1-77040-464-9

You can go to court without a lawyer! Hiring a lawyer can be costly and unnecessary in certain circumstances as you deal with courts, claims and disputes. Lawyer Devlin Farmer has experience across North America in guiding clients to the most affordable, effective solutions, and he shares his advice in this book on how to represent your interests in the courts with the greatest chances of success.

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Retaining and hiring a lawyer to deal with courts, claims, and minor disputes can be costly, and in certain circumstances, unnecessary.

Clients dissatisfied with legal representation or eager to save money have turned to pro se, or selfrepresentation, in increasing numbers. While some court cases necessitate a lawyer’s help, such as criminal cases, Representing Yourself in Court helps people who want to represent themselves in simple cases, such as small claims or family matters, to do just that.

Author and attorney Devlin Farmer has experience guiding clients to the most affordable and effective solutions for their individual situations; his advice on representing your interests is invaluable. This book guides you step by step through the process of self-representation, with practical suggestions and tips on where to look to find what you need to move forward with your case.

The exclusive download kit included with this book offers bonus materials to help you as you research, file, and represent yourself in court. Going to court often means something is going wrong, but Farmer helps you avoid common pitfalls so you can gather the knowledge and the confidence to represent yourself, and head toward the greatest chance of success in your case.

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ISBN 978-1-77040-464-9
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Author Details - Devlin Farmer, Attorney

Devlin Farmer graduated in Law from the University of Ottawa in 1999 and was called to the BC Bar in 2000. After practicing in Vancouver and Fort St. John, Farmer moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 2002 and worked as the Coordinating Attorney for the Pro-Bono Legal Project, and eventually as the senior staff attorney at the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct. In 2011, Farmer joined Brown Henderson Melbye in Victoria, BC, where his practice focuses on family law. As a member of the bar in two countries, Farmer enjoys assisting clients on diverse family law issues and he is committed to helping clients gain access to fair and transparent legal help.
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