Self-Publishing 101

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ISBN: 978-1-55180-639-6

Number of pages: 192

In today’s book market self-publishing may well be your best option. Let this timely book show you how to succeed in a tough market.

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Learn what to do from a successful self-published author.

  • Make your self-published book a success!
  • Publish your own book and ensure thriving sales
  • Control all aspects of your book, from design to price

Self-Publishing 101 explains the advantages and pitfalls of various options for getting your book into print and provides a step-by-step guide for writers who choose to self-publish. It addresses such topics as:

  • finding your niche
  • creating a realistic timeline
  • working with editors, designers, and printers
  • getting your book into stores
  • landing special sales
  • creating media buzz

Whether you are considering tradition publishing, vanity publishing, print-on-demand, E-publishing, or self-publishing, the fundamentals of preparing a manuscript for publication are the same. But getting the book into print is just the beginning: the true challenges for most self-published authors are in marketing and selling their books. Drawing on her personal success as a self-published author, Debbie Elicksen shows you how to avoid costly mistakes and maximize your profits as you produce and market a professional-looking book. Self-publishing used to be equated with defeat; in today’s book market it may well be your best option. Let this timely book show you how to succeed in a tough market.

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Publication Date Sep 14, 2005
Market Global
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Edition First Edition
Pages 192
Size 8¼ x 9¾
ISBN 978-1-55180-639-6
UPC 069635806395

Author Details - Debbie Elicksen

Debbie Elicksen is an 18-year veteran freelance author who has written, edited, ghostwritten, or project-managed 30 books, including her own successful book Inside the NHL Dream.

Through her business Freelance Communications she provides publishing support to self-publishers and conducts seminars on marketing and publishing. Her website can be found at

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