Start & Run a Landscaping Business (EPUB)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-830-2

Learn the lawn and landscape maintenance business from an expert.

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If you like being your own boss and working outdoors and enjoy nature, you can start your own profitable landscape maintenance business. This book is perfect if you want to start from scratch or if you already work in the field but would like to strike out on your own. Start & Run a Landscaping Business will get you started in the fascinating business of professional lawn and garden care and will prove essential in helping you to shorten the learning curve you have ahead of you. The book gives you the basics of landscape maintenance, as well as proven systems for running a business. Written by an expert with over a decade of experience, the book includes an insider’s tricks of the trade. It demonstrates in plain language how you can set up your own business and keep it running profitably. This book also covers snow shoveling and plowing, so entrepreneurs who live in colder climes can still make money all year round.

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ISBN 978-1-77040-830-2
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Author Details - Joel LaRusic

Joel LaRusic started his own successful home-based gardening and landscaping business called Dirty Deeds Landscaping nearly 20 years ago and has been passionately involved with the business ever since. While he started his company as a one-man operation, he built it into a thriving business that employed 10 people. The idea for writing this book came to LaRusic because he wanted to share the tips, tricks, and wisdom he picked up the hard way during his many years in the business. As he says, “I wanted to share the details because it’s the details that are so important in this line of work.”
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