Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business

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ISBN: 978-1-55180-866-6

Number of pages: 220

If you’re looking for yet another useless, “fluff-filled” book on home based businesses, then this book isn’t for you. This book is for real people who want to run a real business.

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Whether you want to work at home on your computer, open a daycare, start a local service (like a plumber, computer consultant, pet sitter, etc.), or anything else, then Start & Run a Real Home Based Business is what you’ve been waiting for.

  • Make good money working from home
  • Profit from skills you already have
  • Stop dreaming—start doing

With his free-wheeling, entertaining style, serial entrepreneur Dan Furman talks about his past and current business successes (and failures), and brings together 50+ topics essential to home based business owners. Pulling no punches, Furman shows you exactly what makes a home based business succeed or fail. In a blunt (yet fun), “NO BS” manner. You’ll laugh, you’ll nod your head in agreement, and (most of all) you’ll learn what it takes to truly succeed in owning and operating a small business. Read this article by Dan to get a feel for why this book has become such a hot seller.

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Publication Date Dec 14, 2008
Market Global
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Edition Second Edition
Pages 220
Size 8¼ x 9¾
ISBN 978-1-55180-866-6
UPC 069635808665
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Author Details - Dan Furman

Entrepreneur Dan Furman runs a successful out of his home. For the past 20 years he has run several home businesses, and has helped countless others with marketing and running their own. Dan knows firsthand what makes a home business succeed—and fail—and is ready to share his vast wealth of knowledge and experiences with you. Dan is also author of the Self-Counsel Press book, Do the Web Write. Meet the author at his website.
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