Start & Run a Pet Business (EPUB)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-848-7

You can start a business that meets the high demand for pet products and services; this book shows you how simple it is to start a pet business, and provides expert advice on how to become successful.

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The opportunities to start and run a profitable pet business are overwhelming. More than 43 million homes in the United States alone have at least one pet, and whether their pets are furry, scaly, feathered, or slimy, pet owners want their special friends and family members to be healthy, happy, and pampered.

Pet businesses can be simple, such as dog-walking services; or more intensive, such as kennelling, pet-sitting, or grooming services. You may even consider opening up a specialty pet clothing boutique, or baking organic pet treats.

However you decide to work with animals, this book will show you:

  • Options for starting your business (franchise? specialty shop?)
  • Step-by-step business start-up tips
  • How to run an ethical and humane pet business
  • How to turn your love for animals into a profitable career
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ISBN 978-1-77040-848-7
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Author Details - Heather Mueller, BSW, RSW

Heather Mueller has spent more than seven years in the fields of Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Homeopathic Practitioning. She is a committee member for the Lethbridge College Animal Care Committee, as well as past president of the Lethbridge and District Humane Society. Mueller was driven by her passion for animal rights and love of animals to write this book, so that other animal lovers can start and run ethical and humane pet businesses.
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