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The Patient’s Guide

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-978-1

Patient rights and advocacy are emerging as major factors in health care. Mary Hawkins helps patients advocate for the best care with a guide on how to discuss your condition with your doctor. This book is the ultimate guide for those seeking clearer answers and stronger treatment by their doctors.

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Talk To Your Doc is the definitive guide for patients looking for the best possible health outcome. Author Mary F. Hawkins provides practical communication strategies to help you ask the smart questions and develop the best relationship with health care providers and health care system. Remember, doctors are busier than ever, so your time with them has to be well-spent. Talk To Your Doc helps you develop a clear strategy to get the right treatment with the right approach to caring for yourself and for your loved ones. It also takes the stress out of the challenges of dealing with doctors and institutions. There is more information than ever available for patients, but sorting through it requires professional help. Mary provides this help in Talk to your Doc. This book builds confidence in our most vulnerable situations.
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Subtitle The Patient’s Guide
Publication Date Jun 16, 2015
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ISBN 978-1-77040-978-1
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Author Details - Mary F. Hawkins

Mary Hawkins has been an author on medicine and health communications, a health-care columnist, a University of Ottawa Communications Lecturer since 1998, and a photojournalist, as well as working in the media as a producer, broadcast researcher, and sometimes on-air. She has been an extensive public speaker and commentator. She lives in Ottawa.
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