Tax Survival for Canadians (EPUB)

Stand up to the CRA

This is intended for a Canadian audience.

ISBN: 978-1-77040-906-4

Take control of your money and stand up to the CRA!

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At any given time, there are thousands of Canadians involved in disputes with the CRA, for reasons such as owing back taxes or making an honest mistake on a tax return. Whatever the reason is for the dispute, the CRA can be an intimidating organization. If you are currently in a dispute with the CRA or fear you may become involved in one, you can remain feeling powerless or you can choose to educate yourself about the CRA, the audit process, and your rights as a taxpayer; you can gain the confidence to take a stand against the CRA!

When dealing with the CRA, it is advantageous for you to be informed and vigilant of the situation and of all your options. It is important to remember that CRA agents work solely for the CRA; they will not look out for your best interests. By reading Tax Survival for Canadians, you will learn to protect your interests during an audit, how to ask the right questions, and how to utilize the tax laws to work in your favour.

Left unchallenged, the CRA can utilize many methods to collect including asset seizures, liens, garnishes, and court cases, which have the potential to result in prison sentences! Author and Canadian tax lawyer Dale Barrett understands how devastating those consequences can be for you and your family. He has written Tax Survival for Canadians to put the power back into your hands by providing you with the best strategies to deal with the CRA. It covers topics such as —

  • Canadian taxpayer rights
  • What to expect during an audit
  • Common CRA tactics
  • Tax amnesty and the Voluntary Disclosures Program
  • Tax liens and salary or wage garnishment
  • How to gain taxpayer relief

Tax Survival is the complete guide for Canadians looking to take control of their situation to reach a fair resolution with the CRA.

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Author Details - Dale Barrett, BCL, LLB

Dale Barrett is an experienced Canadian tax lawyer dedicated to providing expert tax advice to hardworking Canadians who may feel powerless in resolving their tax problems. Barrett works with his clients to protect their interests and defend them against the CRA. His firm, Barrett Tax Law, specializes in assisting small-business owners and the self-employed. He lives in Toronto, Ontario and can be found at
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