The Business Transition Coach (EPUB)

The Business Transition Coach (EPUB)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-512-7

Take action now for a smooth transition! The process of preparing your business for sale or transition means that your business is more successful so that you are ready to sell at any time – whenever opportunity or crisis hits. This book will help any business become more successful.

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Millions of business owners intend to move on from their businesses in the next several years yet only a small percentage of them have a written succession plan. Those who don’t plan their business transition ahead of time may have to kiss all their creativity, passion, and hard work goodbye as they face a market soon to be glutted with businesses for sale.

The Business Transition Coach: Your guide to succession planning, exit strategies, and preparing for the big handoff is your guide to transitioning out of any business. Author Wayne Vanwyck shows you through experience and case studies how planning this transition can increase the value of your business, increase its profitability, and keep your options open.

His practical advice explains how you can:
• Sort out your personal and professional transition options.
• Prepare your business, your employees, and yourself for transition.
• Create a business plan that makes sense now and multiplies the valuation later.
• Leave a legacy that you can be proud of.

Let this book be your helpful companion on the road to transitioning out of your business and into the next phase of your life.

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Author Details - Wayne Vanwyck

Wayne Vanwyck is an entrepreneur, trainer, business coach, speaker, and writer. After founding several firms dedicated to sales and leadership development, call centers, and more, he has more recently been focusing on coaching business owners. Vanwyck is the author of Pure Selling, and has written hundreds of articles on sales, leadership, entrepreneurship, and succession planning. He spends his time helping business owners prepare themselves and their businesses for transition.

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