The Cottage Rules (EPUB)

An Owner's Guide...

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-770-1

Have you ever fought over the cottage? Argued about who is responsible for what? Solve your problem with this simple system.

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The Cottage Rules sets out no-nonsense, easy-to-use guidelines for cottage owners who share ownership with others. This new, updated 2nd Edition deals with everything from succession to laundry. The rules work to prevent conflicts, so that your relationship with your partners can be either as close or as distant as you desire. This book shows cottage owners how to manage their cottage like a business, which in turn prevents disputes and frees their time and energy so they can use it to enjoy the cottage. With four cornerstones to the system (meetings, bookings, banking, and work weekends), the rules are easy to implement, flexible, and reliable. The Cottage Rules can help owners attain their dream of peaceful cottage ownership.

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Author Details - Nikki Koski

The Malette family has owned a cottage for more than 30 years, a cottage which Nikki and her siblings have inherited from their father. Before their father passed away, he willed the cottage to his four children, ensuring that it would remain in the family. Nikki and her husband Russ created a system to ensure against future conflicts, and Nikki Koski has now written this book to share the system with you. When she is not at the cottage, Nikki Koski works as a real estate agent.
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