The Entrepreneurial Itch (EPUB)

Don't Scratch Until You Read This Book!

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-860-9

This book is written to help small business owners survive their first five years of business. It tells you the things the textbooks ignore, the real issues in starting a business.

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  • What no one tells you about starting your own business
  • Avoid the traps and pitfalls
  • Know what you are getting into beforehand!

Statistics show that 90% of businesses fail within their first five years of operation. What is the story behind these intimidating odds? Every year, unsuspecting entrepreneurs show up at their banks asking for small-business loans. The problem is that far too many people go into business without doing thorough research into what it really takes to be successful. The best way to learn is to learn from someone who has worked with hundreds of small businesses. In this new book, small-business accountant and author David Trahair lays out in plain language everything that no one else tells you about starting a business. Trahair stresses that it's important for most people to start their business first as a side job. The owner should market and develop the business until it becomes strong enough to survive those crucial first years, and profitable enough to provide an income for the owners. Trahair also offers excellent tips on what the major franchisors will never tell you.

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Subtitle Don't Scratch Until You Read This Book!
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ISBN 978-1-77040-860-9
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Author Details - David Trahair

David Trahair is a chartered accountant with more than 20 years’ experience in accounting, finance, and tax. He has made many television appearances as well as being a speaker on numerous radio programs. He is also a feature writer on the web at and
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