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Finances After 55 Bonus Forms


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This page contains links to bonus forms and checklists you can download. These forms are MS Excel, MS Word, and Adobe Reader files: the same worksheets you will see in your book. The Adobe Reader files include a Glossary of Terms for the book.

A note about printing

Before you print the forms and worksheets, you should be aware of the default paper sizes they are set to use:

  • All the worksheets in MS Excel (xls) format have been set to print on Letter size paper (8.5x11 ins); worksheets 2 and 3 will print to two pages each; if you have a printer with Legal size paper (8.5x14 ins) available, these two worksheets can each be adjusted to print on a single, Legal size sheet.
  • The Acrobat Reader (pdf) forms will all print to Letter-size paper except for Worksheets 2 and 3, which will print on Legal size paper.
  • The MS Word (doc) forms will all print to Letter size paper.

The above information is contained in a text file called Read First.txt that is part of the download.

Downloading the Files

A single, compressed Zip file contains all the MS Word, MS Excel, and Adobe Reader files. This single file is approximately 715 KB in size and will download quickly, even on a dial-up modem.

Be sure to save the downloaded file to a location where you can find it. The filename is


After the download is finished, locate the file you downloaded and double-click on the filename. This should start a program that uncompresses the files.

If you do not have such a program installed on your computer:

  • You can obtain a free copy of 7-Zip for Windows by clicking this PDF (7-Zip works in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista).
  • Macintosh users can download a free copy of Stuffit Expander, which will expand Zip files.
  • Linux users will usually have a tool installed by their distribution that can decompress Zip format files. OpenOffice will open and read the MS Word and MS Excel files in this download.

Current updates

The changes below are current as of - 

There is one new update. You can:

download it here.

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PDF Forms

All the forms in our kits are supplied in both Adobe® Reader® (PDF) and Microsoft Word format.

To make full use of the forms, you need to have a working copy of Adobe Reader (version 5 or later) installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader (previously known as Acrobat® Reader) installed on your computer, you can obtain a free copy by clicking on the link below:

Get Adobe Reader


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