Writing for Children and Young Adults

This is intended for a global audience.

ISBN: 978-1-77040-276-8

Number of pages: 184

Do you dream of writing books for children? Do you have an active imagination? An adventurous spirit? Apply them to writing a children’s book! Accomplished author Marion Crook will show you how.

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In addition to the expert advice author Marion Crook shared in earlier editions of Writing for Children and Young Adults, in this vibrant new edition, Crook explains some of the nuances and choices about the writing world online.

As well, she revisits the fundamentals of writing: establishing character, creating lively dialogue and developing plot with updated worksheets and examples. This edition shows the writer how to begin a story, plan plot, develop and hone the work for an agent or publisher, and how to make the crucial submission for a book that agents want to represent and publishers want to buy!

Writing for Children and Young Adults helps you create the manuscript that sells! Includes updated fundamentals of writing: character, setting, plot packing, tension and conflict. Learn how to:

• Develop believable characters
• Discover what motivates your characters
• Submit your manuscript to publishers
• Write realistic dialogue
• Use conflict and tension effectively
• Craft the perfect submission to agents and publishers
• Create intimacy with the reader
• Banish writer’s block
• Research settings
• Deal with criticism
• Promote your published book

This book includes free access to an exclusive kit of forms and resources. The download kit includes:

• Illustrative samples
• Resource guide
• Helpful worksheets
• Sample query letters
• — And much more!

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Publication Date Oct 17, 2016
Market Global
PDF Preview Download URL http://www.self-counsel.com/docs/writing_for_children_and_young_adults.pdf
Edition Third Edition
Pages 184
Size 6 x 9
ISBN 978-1-77040-276-8
UPC 069635402764

Author Details - Marion Crook

Marion Crook has written many books for young adult and middle-grade readers. Here, she offers advice on writing, publishing, and marketing. Crook’s background in child development education as a nurse and her Ph.D. in education give her solid knowledge, but she maintains that a keen observation of people, places, and events can be the author’s most useful tool. An experienced teacher and writer, she gives her readers clear and practical tips, with humor and obvious understanding of what it’s like to write and publish.


"Writing for Children and Young Adults by Marion Crook is a guide which will certainly help any writer aspiring to create stories or non-fiction for children of all ages. The concise writing, coupled with the right amount of space given to address the assortment of subjects covered and information conveyed from someone who has been in the publishing world for years, will be a helpful guide for writers curious about or just starting out in writing for kids and teens."
— Reader Girls

"Writing for Children and Young Adults is essential reading for anyone who is embarking on the journey of writing a book for children or teens. Thanks to the author's practical tips, common sense advice and a broad range of topics, budding writers will have a realistic picture of the skills that are required of a successful children's book writer."
— Susan Heim, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers

"Ms. Crook is a very knowledgeable author who is quite qualified to give us craft lessons. Her book engages in a memorable and exciting way. You can tell she loves teaching writing, and she loves writing. Her style captures you and holds you until the very end."
— Robyn Campbell, author

"Writing for Children and Young Adults by Marion Crook inspires, educates, and motivates."
— Karen Autio, Children's Author, CWILL BC Society member

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