Your Child in Film and Television

This is intended for a global audience.

ISBN: 978-1-55180-426-2

Number of pages: 128

If your child is destined to be a star, this book can help parents navigate their children through the confusing world of agents, contracts, studios, and production companies to provide their children with the best opportunity for success.

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Learn how to get started in the TV and movie business:

  • Prepare your child for auditions
  • Understand your child’s rights
  • Avoid getting ripped off by agents

With a television in every living room and a movie theater in every town, the dream of becoming a television or movie star is a real possibility for the young actors of today. But as there are hundreds of talent agencies out there that are only after your money, you must be careful that you and your child are not exploited.

Your Child in Film & Television is a practical how-to book on the movie and television industries that show you how your child can become a successful actor on TV and in movies. By explaining the ins and outs of the business, this book will help you jumpstart your little actor’s career with tips on casting calls, auditioning, and callbacks.

As you begin to navigate the confusing world of agents, contracts, studios, and production companies, the possibilities for success can be great, but so are the chances of getting ripped off. This book will help you understand your child’s rights. It includes tips on:

  • How casting works
  • Choosing a good agent
  • The auditioning process
  • Labor laws and children’s work permits
  • Working conditions for children
  • On-set behavior: dos and dont's


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Publication Date Mar 14, 2003
Market Global
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Edition First Edition
Pages 128
Size 8¼ x 9¾
ISBN 978-1-55180-426-2
UPC 9781551804262

Author Details - Allison Cohee

Allison Cohee is a “Hollywood Mom” with 12 years’ experience in the movie industry. Her son has been acting in movies since he was seven months old, and has worked in movies such as X-Men 2. Her husband acts as a double for a major Hollywood actor. Ms. Cohee also teaches university adult extension classes on this subject.
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