Submission Guidelines

Want to write for Self-Counsel?

International Self-Counsel Press Inc. is a business and legal books publisher. We pioneered do-it-yourself law books in the United States and Canada in 1971.

If you would like to write for us, please have a careful look over our backlist to see if your proposed book might fit one of the categories in which we publish, and to make sure we haven′t already published the book you wish to propose. We do not publish fiction of any genre, nor do we publish adult books, books on mental health, psychology, religion, or the paranormal.

We are currently interested in:

  • Books about legal/business nonfiction topics that would appeal to small businesses, including about current technology and business trends
  • Books about legal/business nonfiction topics for Indigenous audiences
  • Books about personal and small business tax matters
  • Books about personal finance
  • Books about eldercare
  • Short books on topics related to those described above. These are books of 10,000 to 15,000 words, succinctly written, dealing clearly with a singe topic.

Please keep in mind we are primarily a legal and business nonfiction self-help publisher, not psychological self-help, memoir, or similar. Please peruse our titles to see if your idea would fit.

Submission checklist

When submitting your manuscript, please be sure to provide the following:

  • Cover letter, with current contact information
  • CV describing why you are qualified to write this book
  • As much of your manuscript as possible, typewritten and double-spaced
  • Detailed chapter-by-chapter outline

Need more guidance? Want to WOW us with your book proposal?


Submissions may be sent:

Via Email

Or to the Attention of:

Acquisitions Editor
Self-Counsel Press.
1481 Charlotte Road
North Vancouver, BC
V7J 1H1

Please ensure that you have included sufficient postage. Do not include international postage vouchers, as we cannot use them, and your manuscript will not be returned. Unless you are a professional artist, sample illustrations are not necessary.

3 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. Hi,

    Good morning! I just got done checking out some great articles on “”. I feel my articles on “real estate” and “home improvement” could be of real interest to your readers. If you take guest posts, I’d love to be considered and would gladly send you some titles if you can give me some idea as to the topics you may be most interested in right now.

    I know you are busy so I’ll keep this short but also wanted you to know that I am available for any questions you might have and I’m very open to any and all constructive feedback.

    Thank You
    Tim Robinson

    N.B:- It would be great if I could get a by-line which would include a link to the site for which I regularly blog on.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.Per the “Writing for Us” article on this page, I regret we do not accept guest postings on this site. Richard DayPublisherSelf-Counsel Press

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