Starting a Successful Business in Canada Kit

This is intended for a Canadian audience.

ISBN: 978-1-55180-861-1

Number of pages: 192

Canada's best-selling business start-up book for nearly 40 years!

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This perennial Canadian bestseller (over 265,000 copies sold!) has guided Canadian entrepreneurs to fulfilling their new business dreams since 1973. Everything you need to know about turning your good idea into a profitable business is explored and explained in this informative guide. This Canadian bestseller is packed with practical, useful information that will help you master the start-up procedure. The skills you learn will assist you every day and in every aspect of your business. Whether you want to establish a sole proprietorship, incorporate, or seek venture capital for an eventual stock-market listing, this book explores each of the options and warns of the possible problems. Starting a Successful Business in Canada will show you how to:

  • Get financing
  • Make use of government incentive programs
  • Take advantage of Canadian tax laws
  • Maintain proper records
  • Get the right insurance coverage
  • Set up the optimum computer system for your office
  • Find and keep good employees
  • Avoid accounting pitfalls

Also included are chapters on buying businesses and franchising, as well as a new section on preparing your business plan. The download kit includes tips for your business plan, templates for income and expense statements, plus numerous self-assessment exercises (including a fine-tuning of your mission statement, whether you should hire staff, and analysis of marketing methods).

More Information
Publication Date Oct 14, 2017
Market Canada
PDF Preview Download URL
Edition Updated 18th Edition
Pages 192
Size 8¼ x 9¾
ISBN 978-1-55180-861-1
UPC 069635808610
About the CD The CD has been removed in favor of a download kit. The download comes as a compressed ZIP file containing a folder with the instructions. It can be used on any recent Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating system. The kit requires an internet connection and MS Word or equivalent word processor.

Author Details - Jack D. James, MBA, LLB

Jack earned his MBA in Denver, Colorado, and then returned to Canada to study law, receiving his LLB in 1971. Since then, he has been running businesses and, as a lawyer, advising owners of small businesses.
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