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You Need a Shop Account

Before you purchase an ebook from us,  you will need to create a personal account in our online store.

Why do I need an account?

  • After your purchase is complete, your ebook or kit will only be available for download from your account, and
  • Because downloads can and sometimes do fail, and the hardware devices used to read ebooks can also fail, we maintain a copy of your purchase for you in your account. All you need to do to get your book back is log into your account and download it again.

We ask for very little information when you create your account and we will neither spam you nor allow anyone to see your private information.


We currently sell ebooks in one format:

  • EPUB, used by Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and many other reading systems.

All ebooks sold on this site can be found on in the Kindle format. Kindle ebooks will appear on this site soon.

Download kits are delivered in a .ZIP file that typically contains Word, PDF, and sometimes Excel files. You will need a program or operating system that has the ability to UNZIP the folder/parcel, such as WINZIP or 7-ZIP.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is a form of copy protection software which is used to “lock” your ebook to one device. It is supplied by, and relies upon, third-party vendors and in the short time it has existed, we have seen DRM vendors shut down causing users to lose access to the books they paid for. We don’t believe DRM is a good idea, and we do believe we can trust our readers, so all Self-Counsel Books are DRM-free.

You Need Software or  Hardware

To read one of our ebooks, you need either a dedicated device with e-reading software on it, or appropriate software on your personal computer. To learn more about these options, please read this article.

Installing Your eBook

To learn how to install your ebook on your dedicated reading device or your personal computer, please read this article.

CDs in Printed Books

Many of our printed books contain CD-ROMs with forms, checklists, spreadsheets, and other useful materials for the reader. We cannot “attach” a CD-ROM to an ebook, and displaying letter-sized forms on (for example) the small screen of a smartphone is not very useful.

What we have done is, made the CD-ROM contents available as a separate, optional download at a very low price. You will find these “kits” in the same place you find your ebooks in our store. Each kit is designed to work well in a web browser on Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux operating systems. Each kit contains all the forms and other materials normally found on the CD in the printed book. If you cannot find a kit you want, please email our Customer Service (see this page for contacts

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