Landlording In Canada (EPUB)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-772-5

Being a landlord is not simple. There are regulations to understand, and how do you identify good tenants?

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  • Walks the beginner landlord through the process of selecting a tenant and renting a space
  • Provides insight into what makes a good tenant, and how to attract and keep one
  • Samples and exercises emphasize the importance of key points

As the cost of real estate rises across Canada, more and more homeowners are looking to become landlords. “Secondary suites” are becoming an increasingly common way for homeowners to subsidize their mortgages and supplement their incomes. This book is unique in that it places emphasis on the rental of secondary suites, and how to avoid a potentially negative landlord-tenant relationship by steering clear of “bad tenants.” Drouillard tells the reader how to determine what constitutes an “acceptable risk,” and provides insight into how to market rental space in order to attract good tenants. Sample rental ads will teach the reader how to make the most of short newspaper classified ads, as well as how to write longer online ads. Practical advice from this experienced realtor and property manager will make the process of finding and securing a tenant feel much less daunting.

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ISBN 978-1-77040-772-5
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Author Details - Michael Drouillard, JD

Michael Drouillard is a lawyer, a third-generation landlord, and a former professional property manager and real estate salesperson. He holds a Diploma in Urban Land Economics with a specialty in property management from the University of British Columbia and a law degree from the University of Victoria. Michael is a member of the Rental Owners and Managers Society of British Columbia and has been active with residential tenancy matters for years.
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