So You’ve Been Appointed Executor (EPUB)

This is intended for a Canadian audience.

ISBN: 978-1-77040-460-1

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Be prepared for this important job and understand your role in dealing with tax issues, handling bills and debt, and preparing an estate sale.

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The executor’s job is much more involved than you might initially believe. At its simplest, the executor’s role involves documenting assets of the deceased, paying the bills for the estate, and distributing assets to the rightful beneficiaries. These in themselves are not simple tasks, and there are many more to come. So You’ve Been Appointed Executor gives you an introduction to the predictable and unavoidable issues that each and every executor will face regardless of the size of the estate. This ebook not only explains what you need to know when you are appointed executor, but it also helps you choose the best executor for your estate. Learn about the eight duties of an executor and how they apply to the estate to which you have been appointed. Also included is information about various estate experts and resources available to you to help make your job as executor easier. Some of the most commonly asked questions answered in this book are the following:

  • How do I notify the necessary people and institutions of the death?
  • Where do I search for the will?
  • How do I take control of the deceased’s assets?
  • What kind of inventory do I need to keep?
  • How do I prepare the probate application?
  • How do I establish estate accounts?
  • When can I distribute assets to the beneficiaries?
  • How do I go about paying estate debts and taxes?

Additional Info

Additional Info

Publication Date Nov 1, 2015
Market Canada
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ISBN 978-1-77040-460-1
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Author Details

Author Details - Tom Carter, Lawyer

Tom Carter operated a private law practice for nearly 20 years, one dedicated to meeting the complex legal needs of our aging population. His specialization included wills and estates, incapacity planning, and adult guardianship and trusteeship. In 1999 he closed the practice to take a position as a Senior Trust Officer and Estate Consultant with Canada Trust, and is now teaching law at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton.

Carter has been an instructor for the Alberta Bar Admission Course (wills and estates) and has published several articles on aging and relevant legal issues.

He is the author of Write Your Will in 3 Easy Steps, Living Wills Kit, and Alberta Incorporation Kit for Self-Counsel Press.


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